Agency: The ability to consciously, and independently act and make decisions for oneself. 

AGENCY LMU  is an independent, student-run newsroom for the University, dedicated to providing the community with an alternative source for LMU news. As a publication and as an editorial board, we are dedicated to actual values of social justice and the upliftment of voices too often unheard in news coverage beyond the Bluff because we, ourselves, are some of those voices. The LMU community deserves a choice in where they get their news and take into consideration who’s deciding what constitutes news itself.

By bringing original, investigative reporting on the issues that matter to the community, we commit ourselves to challenging LMU as an institution. We unearth the invisible and bring attention to what is visible but not known. We run the stories others are afraid to. We subject ourselves to resistance from those who don’t believe in the work that we do. We do this labor with little to no compensation because we value people over profit. 

  • We commit ourselves to transparency— in the spending of the crowdfunding we receive. In the processes we undergo as an editorial board and staff when reporting.

  • We commit ourselves to listening— to our audience and to the overarching LMU community regarding the issues that matter to them. 

  • We commit ourselves to independence— from University endorsement or funding to maintain unfiltered coverage in keeping them and others accountable.

In turn, we ask you, our readers, to keep us accountable just the same. If we are not serving you, we are not doing our job.

Most of all: We are obligated to the truth, loyal to the Lions.

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