Student work policies go live for Fall 2020

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Student work policies go live for Fall 2020
By Christina Martinez

Student Employment Services (SES) has announced that student employment will continue in the fall semester with changes to policies for Student Employment Authorizations (SEA) to adhere to LMU’s COVID-19 measures.

According to updates on the SES website, all currently enrolled students will have the opportunity to work remotely, on-campus, or in a combination of both.

A related FAQ page reminds students that all on-campus and remote work job opportunities will be posted on LionJobs, which is accessible through student MyLMU accounts. As of July 28, LionJobs contains listings for both work study and T-work paying jobs.

All students are eligible to work remotely, including those with work study awards and those who are located outside of California. Remote student workers must be available by phone or email during their scheduled shifts and complete three training modules on Brightspace. Students also cannot access or download sensitive university information on their personal computers. 

According to the FAQ page, students who work remotely can choose to have their paychecks mailed to their address on file or sent via direct deposit. Students may sign up for direct deposit by submitting the Direct Deposit Authorization Form.

Only students who have on-campus housing or on-campus classes will be eligible to work on-campus. These students must take an additional training module as a condition of employment.

Supervisors must communicate to on-campus students when they are hired if their job can or cannot be done remotely in case of disruptions caused by COVID-19. If the student can continue working remotely, then their employment will continue.

If on-campus work must be discontinued due to COVID-19, SEAs and employment will be terminated for students with jobs that cannot be performed remotely. Affected students will not be compensated for any unearned funds or work-study awards that were detailed in their SEAs.

First-time student employees will need to complete the Form I-9 with SES before they can be authorized to work. “Verification hours” will be announced at a later date in order for students to complete their forms in a Zoom meeting with an SES employee. Students must be prepared to present government-issued documents during the meeting.

Supervisors will be able to create SEAs beginning August 10 to specify one of three location fields for student workers: remote, on-campus, or combination. The work term for the 2020-21 academic year will begin a week before the semester begins on August 23 and end on May 15, 2021.

Students who have questions or need assistance are asked to email SES.

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