LMU launches mandatory Lion Health Check app

Friday, July 10, 2020

Photo: Nick Canchola

LMU launches mandatory Lion Health Check app

By Christina Martinez

LMU has announced that they will be implementing a COVID-19 screening app to monitor symptoms in students, faculty, staff, and approve or deny visitors based on the results. 

Detailed in the latest community advisory, Lion Health Check is the latest in the precautions taken by the University as the upcoming academic year approaches. The use of the app has been made mandatory, effective immediately, and collects symptom information from individuals who wish to access campus or leave their on-campus residences. 

The app does not replace the university’s face covering mandate. Face coverings must be worn on campus at all times.

The app is accessed through LMU’s safety app Rave Guardian under its “Lion Health” section or online with a MyLMU login and prompts the user with a questionnaire. 

The Lion Health Check is accessible with LMU credentials on both mobile app or web interfaces. Screenshots: Christina Martinez.

The questionnaire contains three questions. Individuals must report if they may have been in contact with others who may have COVID-19 or tested for the virus in the past 14 days, or if they are showing symptoms such as fever, chills, cough, or shortness of breath.

According to LMU’s privacy policy, the information collected will only be used to grant or deny users access and will not be retained.

If individuals receive clearance from the questionnaire after completing it, they will receive an email that acts as a “certificate of campus access” allowing them to enter. 

The app prompts you with a three-part questionnaire to check individuals for COVID-19 symptoms. Upon completing and passing the form, the user is notified of if they have been granted or denied clearance to enter campus, collected by Martinez. 

Granted campus access expires every day at 6 A.M. If an individual wants to enter or leave campus grounds after this time, they must complete and pass the Lion Health Check questionnaire.

If an individual has been exposed to or contracts COVID-19, they will not be allowed to enter the campus or leave their on-campus residence. They are required to self-isolate for 14 days, monitor their symptoms, and notify LMU’s Department of Public Safety.

Also included in the advisory was a reminder to wear face coverings, wash hands, and practice social distancing both on-campus and off in an effort “[t]o ensure the safety of the LMU community.”

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