BREAKING: Summer Courses Now Officially Online According to Department Emails

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Graphic: Raven Yamamoto

BREAKING: Summer Courses Now Officially Online According to Department Emails
By Raven Yamamoto

The University has officially opted to move all Summer Session I courses online according to emails sent out to students by the School of Film and Television (SFTV) and the College of Business Administration (CBA).
SFTV's email notification about
online summer courses.

At the time of writing this, the University has yet to make an official announcement regarding the details of this decision to all students.

In their department emails, the SFTV and CBA Undergraduate Offices have confirmed that they will also extend this policy to their Summer Session II courses. It is unclear if other LMU colleges will do the same.

“As a result, we are rethinking our course offerings this summer in an effort to allow our students to make the best possible progress toward completing their degrees,” both memos read. 

Some SFTV students who were planning on enrolling in summer school at LMU are concerned for the quality of their education now that classes will be taught online.

CBA's email notification about
online summer courses.

“People have to shoot and complete their films from home,” said first-year film and television production major Marisa Torre. “I know our professors are doing everything they can but it’s just a bad situation.”

Torre explained that she was hoping to take a summer class to stay on-track as a double major.

“I’m a freshman so graduating isn’t an issue yet but being able to get some credits done at LMU this summer really would’ve helped me,” said Torre. 

Students of other colleges have also shared these concerns, especially those with hands-on majors.

“All of my hands-on labs are online now,” said junior biochemistry major Havana Campo. “These are skills I need in order to do better in my other classes, [skills] that I’m losing because I can’t do [them] physically.”

It is unclear if summer school tuition prices will remain the same, despite now being taught online. 

When Campo asked about the matter in an email, the Dean of Students responded saying an announcement regarding online summer classes will be posted “soon” on the University’s Coronavirus Information website

Junior Havana Campo inquired about summer tuition prices, to which the Dean of Students replied saying that an official announcement from the University will be made "soon."

Updated as of April 11, 2020 at 10:11 P.M.

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