LMU's Next Miracle Baby: 10 Year Old Brooklynne Worthy

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

LMU's Next Miracle Baby: 10 Year Old Brooklynne Worthy
by Yemaya Williams

Brooklynne Worthy is the daughter of two LMU alumni. She intends on going to LMU herself when the time comes. The interview this profile is based off was done on February 14, 2019. 

10 years from now, Brooklynne Worthy is going to be back living in Los Angeles. She won’t have a house yet, meaning she won’t have her own dog, but she’ll wake up everyday in her dorm room with little star lights lining the wall. Everything will follow a lavender and white color scheme, with a possible dash of teal. She’ll go to LMU, just like her mom and dad where she’ll major in whatever she needs in order to be a show-stopping triple threat and an eye-catching fashionista. She’ll have a job but not a career and she’ll be an advanced dancer with perfect splits. Her jewelry box will be more organized so her necklaces aren't all tangled and she’ll have naturally long nails from taking care of them so well in the previous years. Not only will she still be as competitive, caring, funny and awesome as her ten year old self, but she’ll also have the same amazing friends from elementary school.  

This is the vision 10-year-old Brooklynne has for herself. 

It’s Thursday January 14th. Brooklynne is about to wake up for another day of the 4th grade. She wakes up first at 5:10, then 5:30 and finally gets out of bed at 6:00. Sometimes she likes waking up early because sometimes she gets excited for something happening at school or to wear a super cute outfit she has picked out. Today, she stayed in her bed under her warm, teal comforter until 6:00 because it wasn’t one of those days. 

Her style isn’t as organized as she hopes it to be when she’s older but for now it ranges from girly to fancy to casual depending on if she picks out her outfit or her mom. Back when she would model, going into the trailers would make her feel like a movie star but more importantly, she loved wearing the clothes. Now, with her walk in closet full of the trendiest of the trendy, Brooklynne has all she needs to be her fashionable self. Her current favorite pieces include a cropped maroon hoodie with white stripes on the sleeve and a white reflective vest with light pink fabric lining the inside. She even brings her sense of style into her schoolwork, having done a project on fashion in Ancient Egypt just last week. 

It’s 55 degrees and cloudy today so she just threw on a simple pair of leggings and a long sleeve t-shirt before going to wash her face and brush her teeth. Her hair is already perfectly laid, in cornrow braided extensions. This is her favorite style because she’s always wanted her hair to be super super long and now she can see it. 

Once ready to face the day, Brooklynne goes to take care of the newest addition to her family: their 8 month old puppy, Devaughnté. He has 10 letters in his name just like Brooklynne, her Mom and her grandmother. She takes him for a quick walk around the neighborhood in the cold before returning to her house for breakfast. After she eats, she makes sure Devaughnté eats his food and has all his toys. While at school, he spends his time in her mom’s room watching dog TV with his favorite bone.

When he is situated, Brooklynne and her mom get in their car and put on some music and begin their game of pointing out passing by yellow cars to make the hour long drive from their home in Maryland to their school in Washington D.C. go by faster. 

Once at Maret School, Brooklynne’s mom goes to her office where she resumes her role as the Director of Counseling and Brooklynne goes to put her backpack and coat in her locker before going to her classroom. If there’s time before morning meeting, she spends it talking with her friends, one being her best friend Dakota. Once morning meeting is over and the tone for the day is set, she has art first and then science. She enjoys how active she can be in her art class which makes science boring in comparison as she is always sitting down. After this she has math where she tackles problems on the board mentally and writing where she gets to talk to her deskmates and listen to the music her teacher plays.

Now it’s 11, meaning time for lunch. It’s not her class’ turn to do Thankfuls so instead she sits and listens to a different class recite what they are thankful for before eating. When she’s done eating, it’s time for recess. Brooklynne spends her recess with Dakota and other friends on the tire swings or playing ball tag. She has as much fun as she can as her least favorite part of the day is coming up soon: Word Study. This week they are learning suffixes. If it was up to her, she’d be spending her time reading Are you There God, It’s Me Margaret for the third time. 

Before final dismissal from Spanish class at 2:50, Brooklynne still has social studies, read aloud, P.E, and closing circle. After all this, it’s time for After School where she eats snack, plays outside and then does homework. Her time in After School varies depending on when her mom is done with meetings but Brooklynne doesn’t mind. “[After School] is fun because Dakota’s there...all my friends are there.” 

These are the same friends Brooklynne wants to still have 10 years from now and for the rest of her life. They are all genuine and supporting friends. They play and talk all the time. Dakota is even choreographing a dance for Brooklynne to perform in the spring talent show. 

It’s finally time to leave her friends and go home in another hour of traffic. Reflecting on her day, she realizes that even though she didn’t hand out any Valentines cards, she got lots. She also knows her day is only going to get better. She gets to go home to play and snuggle with Devaughnté. Brooklynne only talks fondly about him and their times together. “He gets his bone and he lays right next to me. I love my dog so much.” One interesting thing Brooklynne learned recently was that her puppies favorite outfit is an adidas sweatsuit that says “Adidog” and has bones instead of the classic Adidas lines. 

She hangs out with Devaughnté for a bit before showering and practicing the piano. She tries to practice the piano a little everyday but she doesn’t play as often as she used to. Part of this is due to the fact that she hasn’t had a lesson in a while because her high-school teacher is busy with lacrosse. 

Back when she played piano more regularly, she also played basketball. Before moving to Washington D.C 2 years ago, she lived in San Diego. It was there that she played basketball for Wiggin’s Waves, a basketball club that operated out of her old school. From 1st through 3rd grade, she channeled her competitiveness into the sport. Brooklynne knows the reason for this. “I get my competitiveness from my dad because he played basketball.” Now, out of loyalty for her California team, she only plays in P.E during the basketball unit. 

Her main extracurricular activity now is dance. Every Saturday from 9-3, she goes and refines her skills in ballet, jazz, hip hop, and modern dance. Here, she uses her competitiveness to her advantage to push her to new levels. It’s this trait that makes her favorite dance genre ballet. “It's so fancy and I like the posture and the movement. And it’s kind of hard but fun because I’m so competitive I like taking on challenges.” This is who Brooklynne is. She has so much talent and confidence that not only will she never back down from a challenge, but she’ll also work hard and excel at whatever she sets her mind too. One of her goals right now is perfecting her splits from all sides as this is necessary for the dance career she hopes to have. She’s given herself until she’s 12 but there's no doubt she can do it by 11 if she sets her mind to it. 

After practicing piano, she usually eats dinner and then goes to bed. Tonight is different as she gets to stay up and watch the new episode of Grey’s Anatomy, her favorite T.V show. She usually has to watch it on Friday but tomorrow she has no school so she gets to stay up and watch it live. Losing a little bit of sleep isn’t a problem for her plans for the next day. “Tomorrow I'm gonna relax.” 

One place Brooklynne can relax is her favorite part of the house. This isn’t her bedroom but her ACCS. “My Awesome, Cool, Chill Space,” in the corner by the staircase. Her ACCS is decked out with a lava lamp, blanket, snacks, writing utensils, and water bottle. The best part of the corner is the peep hole and outlet she can use to keep her laptop charged when watching youtube videos. She has everything she needs for a day spent at home relaxing. 

Brooklynne is a force to be reckoned with. With her mind set on being a triple threat at the age of 20, there’s no telling what great things she is going to accomplish on the way there. She is caring, smart, talented, competitive, funny, and extremely awesome. 

She is one of a kind. Take her word for it. “I’m a miracle baby. I was born in the same year Beyonce and Jay Z got married.” 

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