10 L.A. Womxn-fronted Bands You Should Know for Women’s Month

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Graphic: Donna Borges
10 L.A. Womxn-fronted Bands You Should Know for Women's Month
By Donna Borges

Los Angeles is filled with musicians looking to make it big in the music industry. However, there are many artists in the local music scene with intersectional identities— including, but not limited to: artists that are queer, trans and people of color— that are often overlooked in popular media. In the spirit of Women’s History Month, here are ten picks of the many womxn-fronted bands on the Los Angeles scene, in no particular order.

Photo by Catherine Reeves
10. Kuromi
Our Favorite Track: “Happy Go Sucky Fucky”

Kuromi is known for their energetic “sugar-punk” sound. The band consists of Sophia Dueñas, Grace Rosenman, and drummer Nicholas Santana. Their debut self-titled album was released back in 2018, featuring popular tracks like “Cutie in the Mosh Pit” and “Bad Dream.” You can often find them playing the Smell - LA’s most iconic DIY venue.

Photo by Iris Ray
9. Sabrina is Not in this Chat
Our Favorite Track: “Down By The Bay”

Experimental punk band Sabrina is Not in this Chat consists of Olivia DeBonis on guitar and vocals, Siena LaMere on drums, and Maddie Calderon on bass and vocals. The band’s debut album Not Recommended for Sensitive Skin was released last year with Penniback Records. 

Photo by Gina Canavan
8. The Paranoyds
Our Favorite Track: “Girlfriend Degree”

The Paranoyds are one of Los Angeles’s favorite womxn-lead bands. The surf-punk quartet recently toured with Spendtime Palace to promote their debut album Carnage Bargain. The band is made up of bassist and vocalist Staz Lindes, keyboardist Laila Hashemi, guitarist and vocalist Lexi Funston, and drummer David Ruiz.

Photo by Sarah Mai

7. Siam Jem
Our Favorite Track: “No Luck”

Dream-pop group Siam Jem was founded by vocalist and guitarist Michaela Rabina who is now joined by drummer Nicole Bandoquillo, bassist Paige Arevalo and guitarist Nico Brough. The band just released a music video for their song “No Luck” from their latest EP of the same name featuring the band and their friends driving around and rollerskating.

Photo by Patricia Serban

6. The Groans
Our Favorite Track: “Colors”

Three-piece pop-punk band The Groans formed when they realized the lack of queer and people of color representation in their local music scene. Many of their songs focus on queer issues as well as mental health and police brutality and the proceeds from their song downloads are donated to various nonprofits. The group consists of Annie Padilla on vocals and bass, Dewie Hernandez on guitar, and Nadine Torres on drums.

Photo By Salma Bustos
5. Moonfuzz
Our Favorite Track: “21st Century Schizoid Man”

Moonfuzz is an all-women rock band, consisting of drummer Brandi LAST, guitarist Miranda Viramonte, and bassist and singer Heaven Martinez. Their debut self-titled album was released last year featuring popular tracks like “Everything That’s Mine” and “Vile.”

Photo by Kylie Shaffer
4. Girl Friday
Our Favorite Track: “Headstones”

Signed to Hardly Art Records, Girl Friday is a self-proclaimed feminist project that finds inspiration from 90s rock and 70s post-punk. Members Libby Hsieh (bass) and Vera Ellen (guitar) met at a UCLA house party and founded the band before adding Virginia Pettis (drums) and Sierra Scott (guitar) to complete the quartet. None of them are Los Angeles natives, however, now all four members call L.A. home. Their EP Fashion Conman was released last year and featured the popular track “Decoration/Currency.”

Photo by Thomas Rodriguez
3. Ariel View
Our Favorite Track: “Until My Lungs Are Cleared”

Hailing from the suburbs of Ontario, Ariel View is inspired by pop-punk, garage rock, and psych genres. The band consists of vocalist and lead guitarist Harmonie Martinez, vocalist and bassist Heaven Martinez, guitarist Miranda Viramonte, and drummer Nadine Parra. Their debut album Until My Lungs Are Cleared was released last year on Epitaph Records.

Photo By Cowboi Kai 
2. Destroy Boys
Our Favorite Track: “Vixen”

While Destroy Boys are technically from Oakland, they have a strong fanbase of young punks in Los Angeles. The band is led by singer and guitarist Alexia Roditis with guitarist Vi Mayugba and drummer Narsai Malik. They are extremely vocal about queer and trans issues and are known for their all-female and non-binary mosh pits. During each show, the band asks the men in the crowd to clear the pit for non-binary folk and girls to have an opportunity to join in on the moshing for one song.

Photo by Benedict Brink
1. Girl Pusher
Our Favorite Track: “Out of Breath”

L.A. clown-punk duo Girl Pusher consists of Gabby Giuliano and Jarrod Hine, both of whom were previously DJs at KXLU. Although the band’s shows can get violent, their goal is to create a safe space for all by playing all-ages shows and promoting inclusivity.

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