We Are Here To Stay

Monday, February 17, 2020

We Are Here To Stay
Poem by Jolie Brownell & Photos by Maeve Sullivan

We are uninterested in 
Your narrow notion of what 
You deem acceptable,

We see little self-respect in 
striving to become your near impossible 
ideal of respectable,

We see no value in

Denying parts of ourselves 

Just so we can fit into your exclusionary 
Definition of lovable.

So we say no to being forced to choose
one or the other,
We equate this with the lack of choice.

We are queer. fluid. non-binary. 

We are here to uproot your 
Binary created ultimately to uphold 
Heteropatriarchic white supremacy.

We are here to reclaim 
Our expressionality.
Our sexuality.

Our humanity. 

For there is no room for your 
Opinion. Hatred. Or phobia.
In how we choose to identify, 
In who we choose to love.

So watch us take up space 
Fully. Defiantly. Radically.

We are here to stay.

- Jolie Brownell

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