Valentine's Week Astro-Reading (FEB. 14-21, 2020)

Monday, February 17, 2020


February 14th's Chart via Astro-Charts

Aries - Princess of Cups
Expect a natural comfort in this time which is centered around love and sex. Venus is in your sign. This placement will secure how people perceive you and it is a perception that is in harmony with your expectations because people will be able to read you perfectly. Your fiery passion will be understood and received. It’ll feel good to feel like enough and to feel understood and that’s thanks to the trine created by Mercury in Pisces, Moon in Scorpio and Neptune in Pluto which will open up space for emotional and mental freedom and acceptance. 

TaurusAce of Pentacles  
You will be treasured, worshipped and provided for just the way you like this time and you won't have to ask twice for it. The trine created by the water placements will bring in this flood on to your parched earth. It’ll be a wet, muddy and sexy week for you. Feel free to indulge, this is one of the best times to do so. 

Gemini - Two of Swords
Spend some time alone this week, V-Day is just as much of a time for yourself as it is for your loved ones. You are included as a loved one, so treat yourself as you would treat your loved ones. Take yourself on a date. You’ll be very in love and intrigued by yourself. During this time you’ll shake off codependent tendencies. Your mind will keep your attention enough. 

Cancer - The Moon
Cancer! This week is made for you. It’ll be spent so beautifully, you’ll achieve perfect harmony with your loved ones just don’t hide away as a result of bashfulness or from the overstimulation received by all the love you’ll be getting. Also, make sure to give that love back and express your gratitude by vocalizing yourself, being direct and not letting yourself assume people can read your mind. With the Moon in watery Scorpio, you’ll feel at home as your planet will be protected and respected by Scorpio’s possessive nature. 

Leo - Tower
Life will continue to surprise you, but you’ll keep taking these surprises as blows, Leo. As a Leo Sun, you must put your ego aside and realize that the universe is trying to teach you not punish you. Be there for your friends at this time and let them be there for you. Community and social interactions will rebuild you and make you realize your lessons. You’ll probably have a heartfelt moment during this time that’ll knock down that final wall from your current phase which will, in turn, be the foundation for the next one.

Virgo - Ten of Swords
Words of kindness are needed more than words of wisdom at this time. Your loved ones are your equals, not your projects, talk with them, not at them. Some things to add to your to-do list: call your parents, Virgo, plan a date with friends or partners and accept those compliments, especially the ones on your looks. Your mind is sexy, but so are you. 

Libra - Ten of Pentacles 
You have a lot of love around you Libra, or interests, or feelings, or all three. The point is, there is a surplus of something in your life and you have to give some up or share the love to keep the balance even. You are aware of this and completely okay with doing as such. Be attentive to others this week and make time for downtime as well. That'll be sure to even out the scales. 

Scorpio - Queen of Pentacles
Your possessions are together during this week and you’ll probably be receiving many gifts as expressions of love. You appreciate this love language, but you are most occupied by the fact that your people aren’t all together physically with you or that the connections you have with your people aren’t as secured as your obsessive standards would expect. This makes you uneasy. Remember Scorpio, the people you love are people who are just as emotional and feeling as you are. Don’t be distant as a result of your discontent or absentminded to feign indifference. The water trine will facilitate moments for you to express your love as you see fit. Venus and Mars will be there as well to heat you up.  

Sagittarius - High Priest
With Mars in your sign, you’ll be upping the smooth factor and your masculine energy may be enhanced at this time no matter your gender. You’ll be simple, with the typical flowers and chocolate approach to your loved ones, and that'll charm them just right. Things will go your way this week, even beyond the realm of love. Just don’t get too cocky and shoot yourself in the foot. Leave the bow and arrow business to cupid and appreciate some time off.

Capricorn - Ace of Swords
Your patience, keen and solid nature will be rewarding this week whether you’ve been going steady with someone/s or you’ve been waiting for the right time to approach this someone/s. This week will be the week to go the next step for you in what you plan to do. Fiery Venus and Mars might set a fire at your feet to get you moving along, but the trine will cool the wounds enough for you to move. Do! Action is the plan.

Aquarius - Six of Wands 
You might feel unusually unlike yourself this week which is not a bad thing and maybe a common behavioral tactic of yours. You’re good at being different even if you being different means not being yourself. Don’t be surprised by what this week brings. Being out of character will be a good look for you and people will receive it. In addition, be soft with yourself and others as well. 

Pisces - Eight of Cups

Watch out with feeling overwhelmed. These feelings might cause you to snap, be too clingy or dispel too much of yourself onto others. This might be due to the fire signs in Venus and Mars and the social/communicative charge Mercury gives your sign. You'll be excited, but that excitement might be motivated by nerves or insecurities. Fire signs sometimes lack self-awareness and might take advantage of this open and vulnerable state. They won’t necessarily mean to, but it is natural for them to accept what is given. Let them take, but make sure you demand some equal loving in return. They'll appreciate this directness.

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