The editorial board consists of five editors for our five sections: News / Opinion-Editorial, Arts & Culture, Activism, Lifestyle, and Podcasts. Each editor is a founding member of the organization and has uniquely contributed to the publication you see today since the idea for Agency was conceived in late 2019. The board takes pride in being 100% people of color and majority queer-identifying in bringing socially-conscious news to the LMU community. Learn more about the people behind the paper!

MEGAN LORETO, ARTS & CULTURE ( she/her ) is a writer
born and raised in California. Her work—ranging from historical research
projects to poetry—is informed and inspired by the way art, literature,
history, and politics coalesce to form culture. When she’s not writing,
you can find her in a coffee shop, at an art museum, or sitting in the
relentless traffic of the 405. 

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is a Maui-born reporter and radio host and the founder of AGENCY LMU.
They are currently interning with Your Magic as a production assistant
for their upcoming podcast and working as the News, Politics,
and Activism Editor at Lithium Magazine.

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YEMAYA WILLIAMS, ACTIVISM ( she/they ) is a photographer,
writer and artist from Southern California. She takes on the role of the observer while also challenging the things we tend to take at face value. Yemaya is currently studying journalism at Loyola Marymount University where she is a co-editor for The Agency. 

( he/they ) is a non-binary writer and photographer from Los Angeles, CA. They are currently a student at Loyola Marymount University and is co-editor for The Agency. Robyn recently came out with their newest project, “La Monita,” a zine featuring their work. The zine and the rest of their work is inspired by their intersecting identities and the social and economical adversities within society. They look forward to continuing to make socially conscious and impactful material.

Jonathan Grace, PODCAST ( he/his ) is a junior journalism major and psychology minor. He is a play-by-play, color commentator, and sport 
analyst for LMU and loves using audio to tell compelling stories. Jonathan 
also has a passion for photography and hopes to inspire media literacy
 with his work

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